1. Scale Models Of Atrocities

  2. At What Price Is Freedom?
    Anti System

  3. Higley

  4. The A1111 And Other Ones
    John Shuttleworth

  5. Trust
    Down Love

  6. Accidental Aesop
    D L Burdon

  7. Jilted Jam (Demos, Rehearsals And Gigs 1977-2008)
    Jilted John

  8. Handicap
    Lucky Malice / Danger!Man

  9. Life... But How To Live It?
    Life... But How To Live It?

  10. Split EP
    Spoilers / No Marks

  11. The Eternal Sea
    Jaded Eyes

  12. Bullingdon Bastards
    Angelic Upstarts

  13. '11-'14
    Epic Problem

  14. Adversary

  15. Corrupt Mind
    Flame On

  16. Excess All Areas
    Couch Potatoes

  17. Phoenix (Deluxe Edition)

  18. Pwoison Idea Feel The Wonkness
    Wonk Unit

  19. Poison In The System - The Demos

  20. Stumbling Block: Complete Recordings '86-'88
    Immolato Tomatoes

  21. If You Were Real You'd Do Your Own Stunts
    Not Tonight And The Headaches

  22. Retard Picnic (Deluxe Edition)

  23. Clearly You Didn't Like The Show
    Peter Black

  24. Sticky Wickets
    Geoffrey Oi!Cott

  25. A Huge Black Cloud - The Demos 1983

  26. Dewhursts: The Musical / Bring It On
    Doctor Bison

  27. Stay Afloat

  28. The Bloated Vegas Years
    Doctor Bison

  29. Entertainment Value : Discography Part 1

  30. Self Analysis : Discography Part 2

  31. Cabaret Style : Singles Unreleased Live
    Doctor And The Crippens

  32. Strategy Three
    Thirty Six Strategies

  33. Gravity Blues
    The Jones

  34. Life Inside The Western Bloc
    Violent Arrest

  35. Back Among The Blind

  36. Raphanadosis
    Doctor And The Crippens

  37. The River Need

  38. The Kids Don't Like It (Deluxe Edition)

  39. 7"EP

  40. Fired From The Circus
    Doctor And The Crippens

  41. Peel Me Like A Egg

  42. When Worlds Collide

  43. Attack Of the Codheads Split EP
    Not Tonight And The Headaches / East On Main

  44. The Timeless Destruction Of
    The Doublecross

  45. Strategy Two
    Thirty Six Strategies

  46. Peruvian Vacation (Deluxe Edition)

  47. Love.. And Other Weapons Of Mass Destruction
    Not Tonight And The Headaches

  48. Split EP

  49. Fast'n'Furious - The Complete Demos

  50. Going Nowhere Fast

  51. In Session From Maida Vale
    Revenge Of the Psychotronic Man

  52. Graveyard Of Dreams

  53. The Dead On
    The Dead On

  54. Lifeline
    Down And Outs

  55. It's Still Broke... The First Two Records

  56. Lost In Translation

  57. Split LP
    Extreme Noise Terror / Chaos UK

  58. Split EP
    BUZZorHOWL / Good Grief

  59. Strategy One
    Thirty Six Strategies

  60. Split EP
    Varsity Drag / Chestnut Road

  61. Hand Me Downs

  62. Gods And Monsters
    Jaded Eyes

  63. Orca
    Indian Dream

  64. Chestnut Road
    Chestnut Road

  65. Distorted View
    Violent Arrest

  66. South London Vs The World

  67. Sugar Coated Bitter Truth

  68. Window On The World
    Political Asylum

  69. How The West Was Won
    Political Asylum

  70. Shattered Dreams Parkway
    Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man

  71. Lucky Us : Unreleased Songs And Demos Volume 2 1983-1986
    TV Smith

  72. Lucky Us : Bonus Download Tracks
    TV Smith

  73. Your Turn Next
    Concrete Sox

  74. Whoops Sorry Vicar
    Concrete Sox

  75. Revulsion

  76. Elegant Balloons
    Bedford Falls

  77. Seasick - Songs From The Deep
    Bad Beach

  78. Forgotten Streets
    Down And Outs

  79. All Said And Done
    Frogs Of War

  80. Someday
    Political Asylum

  81. Inspirations And Escalations: Complete Recordings 1987-1992
    Monks Of Science / Default

  82. Saturday Night Trench Fever
    Trench Fever

  83. Aural Regurgitations

  84. Shit Pants Shit Pants / Japanese Vacation
    Hard-Ons / Stupids

  85. Last Orders

  86. H2SO4
    Exit Condition

  87. Days Of Wild Skies (LP)
    Exit Condition

  88. Days Of Wild Skies (CD)
    Exit Condition

  89. Bite Down Hard / Impact Time (LP/CD)
    Exit Condition

  90. Japanese Vacation

  91. Burning Bridges
    Section 13

  92. Once Upon A Time In The North
    Crocodile God

  93. Winter
    Political Asylum

  94. No 1 Hits Like - A Tribute To Geoffrey Oi!Cott
    Geoffrey Oi!Cott

  95. Tooth And Nail
    Violent Arrest

  96. Hung Drawn And Quartered / You Suck!

  97. Out of My Universe

  98. Wanton Thought
    Wanton Thought

  99. Shit-Pants-Shit-Pants

  100. Presented As A Work Of Fiction
    Former Cell Mates

  101. Coming In To Land
    TV Smith

  102. The Damage Is Done

  103. Visions Of Change / The Depraved
    Visions Of Change / The Depraved

  104. Nordic
    Pocket Genius

  105. Dangerous Playground EP
    TV Smith

  106. The Boss Tuneage 2011 Sampler
    Various Artists

  107. Retail Therapy EP
    Punks Not Dad

  108. The Blame Game

  109. Audit Of Enemies
    Geriatric Unit


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Boss Tuneage formed in Aston's bedroom early in 1990 with the release of the Goober Patrol / Vehicle Derek split 7". 25 years on and over 300 releases later, the label has moved as far afield as the dining room and shed, still determined to bring quality music and quality releases to those people who still like to buy music! ... more

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